Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf

A Georgia Award Nominee
Kids’ Wings Award for Excellence in Children’s Literature
Junior Library Guild Award

“You must keep this and remember.
Remember who you are, Milada. Remember where you are from. Always.”

If you lived in the little town of Lidice (pronunciation), Czechoslovakia, in 1939, you would have known that you lived in a dangerous world. You would have known that Nazi Germany had taken over your country, and you have would missed rationed items like sugar.

You would have seen the Nazi soldiers in the streets.
You would have heard your grandmother, Babichka, say that the Nazi leader, Hitler, was evil. You wouldn’t have seen the cruelty against the Jews because none lived in Lidice.

What you would not know…until it was too late…was that the Nazi soldiers were about to come into your house in the middle of the night and arrest your whole family. From that moment on, your life would never be the same again. You would learn the pain of separation from everyone you loved and everything you held dear.

If you were a little girl named Milada, unlike most others taken prisoner by the Nazis, you would be whisked into a nightmare unlike any you had ever imagined. You would be taken to a place where your language, your customs, your clothes, and your religion would be ripped from you. Why? How could this be? Would your family ever find you?